About Us


Harzcak's offers a custom service for processing your game meat. Customers must provide the game meat and we will process it into one of our products. Of the most common meats for custom orders are Duck, Buffalo, Elk, Pheasant, Venison. For any others, or to inquire about processing your game meat, contact us. 

Products Available

Polish Sausage, Salami (Summer Sausage), Hungarian Sausage, and Game Snack Sticks.

Additional Information

  • 50% of all finished product is Harczak’s fresh pork meat. 
  • All products are packaged in bulk. vacuum packaging is available at an additional cost.
  • Orders must be a minimum of 25 lbs. of game meat per item in order to be processed. No exceptions.
  • All wild game must be acquired legally and by the regulations set forth by state and federal guidelines. Licenses are sole responsibility of the individual. 
  • As this is a federally inspected plant, all hides, hooves, heads, and bones must be removed prior to entry into the plant for processing.

Custom Game Meat Order Form

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